Zookeeper alliteration

A great piece of Night Zookeeper alliteration from Bertie one of my Year 2’s !


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  1. Tyler and Emma says:

    Well done Bertie is astonishing work it blew my socks of .

  2. Emma says:

    This is the best work i have seen in a long time well done good use of vocabulary at writing about the zookeeper alliteration Jude so well done .

  3. Sadie seymour says:

    Wow Bertie, this is fantastic! What wonderful expanded sentencing.

  4. Night Zookeeper Paul says:

    WOW Bertie! This is a wonderful piece of writing. I know that Percy Penguin and Florence Flamingo will be particularly impressed as they do like great alliteration. This is certainly some of the best I have read since I became a Night Zookeeper!

    Keep up the fabulous work,

    Night Zookeeper Paul

  5. Mrs Neale says:

    Wonderful words, super sentences, awesome alliteration, smashing spelling and lovely learning!

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