Welcome to my new class !

Here are some messages from my new class this year !

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  1. Neve says:

    Good work I love it

  2. Emma says:

    Hi Class Tamar,
    Your Ancient Egypt topic sounds amazingly interesting – I love learning about how the Ancient Egyptians used to live – especially the process of mummification. Jake, Zach and I went to The Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro to check out the Ancient Egyptian exhibition and saw the mummy of Iset Tayef Nakht, who was a priest from the Temple of Al Karnack. We saw his sarcophagus, canopic jars as well as the mummy itself. It was pretty strange seeing the body of someone who lived almost 3000 years ago.
    Looking forward to hearing more Ancient Egyptian facts!

  3. Sadie seymour says:

    You all sound like you’ve had a great start to the term, I wish I was learning more about ancient Egypt! You are lucky!

  4. Never kathy and Alfie says:

    I can’t wate Intill we do ancient Egypt.

  5. Natasha,Oscar and Ruban says:

    We are having a great time with Mr Western and Mrs Turner.
    I am looking forward to our junk band.
    I am look forward to Egyptians.

  6. Hannah ,Daniel Harriet says:

    Hello Everybody we are having a fun year are topic is Ancient Egypt .

  7. Louie Romilly and Ines. says:

    I am really looking forward to my birthday and the new term by Ines.
    I am really excited when we have the next class party By Louie.
    I have had a really good holiday by Romilly .

  8. Bertie Marley and Arnaud says:

    I am looking forward to getting a pen Marley Bertie Arnaud

  9. Natasha says:

    Come and look it’s brilliant the blog!!
    We love are new class children.
    I like new people.

  10. Jorja , Myles and Edward says:

    Hi , it’s been a great holiday but its good to be back learning a Fourlanend by Jorja.I’m looking forward to doing Egypt by Myles. I had a good holiday by Edward.

  11. Floss, Ethan, Kai says:

    Hello We have been making Egyption pictures.

  12. Ruby,Rosie and fynlay says:

    We can’t wait to see what exciting things we do this year!

  13. Jude jake and Hannah says:

    Hello every one we are looking for a great term.

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