The strange room

Look at this incredibly strange room. What could it be used for? Use your imagination and let me know your ideas


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15 Responses
  1. Jude says:

    It’s the first mobile phone

  2. Oscar says:

    It could be a spiky torched chamber.

  3. rosie says:

    hi Mr Western i think it would be used for street dance maybe .

  4. kanye says:

    It could be a laboratory!!!!

  5. Jude says:

    I think it is used for stunts

  6. Neve Harriet says:

    It is a punishment when you are naughty and you could get stuck and it is called the room of death .

  7. Elffin (awesome) says:

    This is really cool and I think it should be a mind game ??? But it’s really cool !

  8. Romlly,Ines and Lidia says:

    maybe it’s for men in black by romilly.

    to hang up your stuff like coats
    By Ines.

  9. Floss and Kathy says:

    We think this room is for punishment .
    As you walk in you get as squashed as a pancake. Then you have to run because the spikes are closing in on you. At the end all you get is a block to stand on and some peas to eat.

  10. Hannah, Louie and Meryn says:

    Louie: It looks like a boobytrap so you step on the glass and the spikes will extend! .
    Hannah:It looks like a place to scare people .
    Meryn: It looks like a death trap.

  11. Hannah Ruby and Ethan says:

    We think that it’s a stage for a rock band with the spikes to look cool and a wooden plank goes over the metal ladder so they can get closer to the crowd.If the crowd did not like the band they told a special person , so they could press a button to make the walls come in a bit and if they did not change the song,the walls came in further.

  12. Marley Edward and jake says:

    It could be a very spiney trap with razor sharp Edward and jake
    It could be a place where you take a studio wher you take photo fore a music Marley

  13. Mina and myles says:

    I think it is a trap if strangest come.I think it is a deth trap.

  14. Romlly,Ines and Lidia says:

    The spikes could speak to the people who try to steal the diamond of the UNIVERSE and warn them.

    By Ines.

  15. Romilly says:

    It could be used in d and r (doors and rooms) ipad game.

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