Sketches of the Hurlers stones on Bodmin Moor

The children sketched these pictures of the stones on site. I think they are rather good and all done in adverse conditions!









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24 Responses
  1. Annabel and Ethan says:

    Great sketches Tamar 🙂

  2. Josh,Mary says:

    You have put a lot of effort to your drawings of the hurelers

  3. Josh,Mary says:

    You have shaded well

  4. James l says:

    hi nice drawings i bet it was cold 🙂

  5. Kathy, Hannah and Holly says:

    Your as good as artists.

  6. Mina says:

    You nealy blow my socks off!!!

  7. Marley says:

    The pictures where AMAZZZZZZZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Joe & Dylan says:

    Magnificent pictures here.what awesome pictures.

  9. Ethan says:

    It very amazing

  10. Alfie says:

    It was cool.

  11. Solomon says:

    Amazing very artistic

  12. Daniel says:

    Awesome artists

  13. Jorja says:

    I love all the drawings and I think they will be artists one day

  14. Kathy, Hannah and Holly says:

    I think they are good drawings. I like them a lot.

  15. Ines Emma Oscar says:

    I found them amazing because they look so realistic.

  16. Tia says:

    Their all very good.

  17. Natasha says:

    Wow some artists in the class well done.

  18. Tyler says:

    Some amazing artists in the class

  19. Floss says:

    Those picture are amazing .

  20. Tia says:

    I like them all

  21. Rowan says:

    That is amazing

  22. Tia says:

    I like them all.

  23. Hannah says:

    Grate pitchers.

  24. tyler says:

    wow…..some budding artists in the class

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