Show your support ! Stop PIB dumping and damaging our environment

We have had an exciting day demonstrating the power of our writing. Over 2000 birds have died as a result of being covered with PIB. As a result of our letters of support and our poster making we were visited by the local news today. Some of the children were interviewed and this is just the start.

We would like other schools to show their support for us through the blog and maybe discuss this serious problem which is destroying generations of sea birds in our area .

bbc news for more details.

Please show us your support. We are writing to the Government and to Prince Charles !

Can you discuss the problem with your class and think about how you could help us raise awareness ?

Here’s one more thing you can do to help make sure this never happens again (apart from writing to Sheryll Murray MP and signing/ sharing the petition

Save our sea birds

Write quickly to our local MEP and ask him what he is going to do at European level on this. Any change to legislation must be at EU level. If you want a template to work with/ copy, this is what I’ve just sent to him:










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  1. Miss Hatton-Brown says:

    I just wanted to show my support for your fantastic campaign. It is so important that we protect our marine life from disasters such as this one. I find it hard to believe that the dumping of these toxic chemicals is currently legal. You are doing a fab job of raising awareness. Lets hope that the government listens.

    • greggers50 says:

      Thank you so much for your comments. The children will really appreciate knowing they have great support. We really hope the government listen!

  2. nicola brown says:

    Good posters

  3. Jorja, Alex and Floss says:

    Everyone looks so good and the posters are FAB.

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