Rafting competition

So with the bowling down it was the pairs rafting competition. We had some great scores and the pairing of Mr Western and Mrs Turner worked hard but couldn’t best Alfie T and Mina who scored 77 to their 74. Well done guys and have a great summer.






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  1. INes and Sophia says:

    Hi class

    i am in Spain with my cousins Sophia, Rebecca and Paul. Yesterday we went to see a natural park with lots of animals. They were free. The tigers had a massive enclosure. The Elephants had a big trunk. Right now I am near the sea.This is Sophia writing in Spanish …

    Hola soy sofia soy la prima de ines y la quiero mucho. Nos lo pasamos muy bien juntas.

    Hoy vamos a ir a la playa y mi hermano pablo va a hacer surf.

    When I return i will translate this for you.

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