Today we took part in Quadblogging for the first time. We are grouped with two other schools from this country one in New Zealand. We will share our work and comment on theirs. It’s going to be fun looking at schools in different places.




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  1. Thomas H says:

    COOL! why did you use Ipads?
    *using Ipads
    *doing numeracy
    WISH:use knowledge a bit
    Apart from not using your knowledge preaty good infact…

  2. Shahzaib says:

    Wow! I wish that our school could have ipads. We use coputers and laptops to do work on instead of ipads.

  3. Abi says:

    WOW! you have wonderful Ipad’s. I wish are school have them kind of Ipad’s. Them pictures are so, so fabulous.

    But I think you could do a few pictures of all the children together and do some with other children in diffrent classes.

    But I think you’re pictures are great. I really like like you’re school though and I really like the thing’s you put up on you’re school’s blog.

  4. Room 7 Hawea Flat says:

    Hi There,
    We are enjoying looking at your blog. We have i pads in our class too, 5 small laptops and 2 desktops.
    From Room 7 at Hawea Flat School.

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