PIB protest powerful posters

In ICT we used the IPads to create campaign posters using the powerful I ages from the media. What do you think?









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8 Responses
  1. christopher.H says:

    Class Tamar have done very well in trying to stop the polution in the sea to the birds.

  2. holly, jenna says:

    the posters are really good, your like artists.

  3. Hannah , says:

    It was good when we did the posters.

  4. Ruby,Marley and Jasmine says:

    The posters are downing good.

  5. Hannah , says:

    I loved making the posters .

  6. Solomon says:

    Poor birds getting washed up in P.I.B

  7. Tia says:

    Very good very good p.i.b posters .

  8. Kathy, Hannah and Holly says:

    I love birds, I love the posters to. There very good.

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