Goodbye guys

Well I won’t be back now so it’s just left for me to wish you guys a great holiday. You have been the most amazing class and it has been an honour to be your teacher.

Remember look after each other, follow the school values and work hard and you can achieve all your dreams. Treat others with respect and don’t bully and the world will be yours.

Pass on my thanks to your parents

Long live class Tamar


Mr Western

P.S Thanks for my amazing card I will cherish it forever!


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  1. Jude says:

    Hi Mr Westernthe class miss you lots Floss has left to I wish you were here hope you have a nice time at Beach wood school.

    • greggers50 says:

      Hey Jude I really miss you guys too. I know Floss says she will be visiting a lot so that’s will be something for you guys to look forward to. Hope you are all working hard and looking forward to your Easter holidays. Love to everyone

  2. Jude says:

    I hope you had a great Christmas you were the greates teacher in the world .I hope you have a great time at your new job
    Love Jude.

  3. hannah b says:

    sorry you have gone and i will miss you. hope you have a nice cup of tea in your cup and have a nice christmas. from hannah and tia.

    • greggers50 says:

      You 2 keep being fabulous and I will enjoy a nice cuppa. Have a great Xmas girls I will really miss you.

      Love Mr western

  4. Georgina says:

    I will really miss you Mr Western. You were the best teacher ever. I am stilll annoyed with you about that phone call!
    I wish you could have been at school yesterday. I hope you get better soon. Love Georgie

    • greggers50 says:

      I will miss you and your amazing energy 2 Georgina. Keep up your amazing drama and I will always have a chuckle when I think of you girls and the phone call.
      I so wished I was there Friday but it wasn’t meant to be. Keep being amazing !
      Love mr Western

  5. oscar says:

    Have a very merry Christmas Mr Western.
    Enjoy your new school in Plymouth.

  6. ruby says:

    I didn’t used to like school but when you became my teacher I started to love it. Good luck in your new school.

    • greggers50 says:

      Bless you Ruby thank you so much. I will miss you and the class so much and will always be checking how you are getting on. Stay confident and be amazing.

  7. Pauline Rowe says:

    Thank-you for the support you have given Tyler, and through this my-self. You have been a favorite of the children, and I wish you well in your new post
    best wishes Pauline Rower

  8. tyler rowe says:

    I think you are the best Mr. Western, thank you for being my friend I am really going to miss you
    love from Tyler. are you in school tomorrow the last day of term. We started on the same day at school xxxxxxx

    • greggers50 says:

      I’m afraid I won’t be in now which is a shame. I’m very proud of you so keep up the good work. We did start on the same day and you have settled amazingly. I’m sad that I won’t see you in year 6 but who knows I may come back some day. Look after gran !

  9. Oscar says:

    Good by Mr Western ,you’ve been the best teacher ever.
    I will miss you alot.Come and visit our school again.

    • greggers50 says:

      A teacher is only as good as his students and you guys are the best Oscar !! Thank you.

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