Class Tamar Drummers

Today Floss and Kanye gave a demonstration to the whole school of what they have been learning in their drum lessons. Kanye rocked the school while Floss gave a great slow demonstration. It made Mr Western wish he still had long hair so he could head bang along with the great rhythms. Well done guys.



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9 Responses
  1. Robert says:

    I loved it

  2. ruban says:

    we should make a school band

  3. Kathy Charlotte and Georgina says:

    Cool dudes

  4. Kanye says:

    I love playing drums.

  5. Hannah says:

    Floss and Kanye were grate.

  6. Ruby,Marley and Jasmine says:

    We really enjoyed Kanye’s rock bit but Flosses was the best.

  7. Rowan says:


  8. Mina says:


  9. Tia says:

    Well done floss and Kanye

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