Camp Kernow afternoon

The guys have had a great afternoon in the sunshine. We split into two groups and took turns with archery and campfire cooking.









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  1. Emma S says:

    Looks fantastic – I love the archery photos. Good luck with your bat-detecting tonight guys – hope you spot some. I’ll be thinking of you all around the campfire too, enjoy the the hot choc and marshmallows!

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks for keeping us posted Mr W. Great to see that you’re all having a lovely time and enjoy the rest of your stay.

  3. carmen tutt says:

    Wow…looks like you are having a fab fun time in this sunshine. Wish I was doing all these activities with you! Great photos Mr western! Credit to the school on organizing such a brilliant trip. Credit also to all the teachers who are taking our children…I feel they are in safe hands…all the texts/photos from the school are invaluable…thank you. Have lots more fun…try to get some sleep 😉

    • greggers50 says:

      We will try. We are having a great ti e and the children are behaving amazingly. Ill keep the photos coming !

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