Angry Birds Space Place Value

In maths this term we looked at place value using Angry Birds Space.
We took it in turns on the whiteboard to play the game and then divided the score in to hundreds, tens, ones etc. If you got it right you had a chance to play the next bird.
We managed to get to work up to tens of thousands which was brilliant. We could divide these numbers into hundreds, thousands, ones whatever the question required.
Also because we used the space version we were able to discuss gravity from our forces topic last term.
It was a really fun way of learning maths and can be used on any games you play.



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2 Responses
  1. Joe & Dylan says:

    It was awesome!

  2. Room 7 says:

    Some of us know how to play Angry Birds. Mrs Allison said that we could play Angry Birds space.

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