Performance poetry

Here is our class performing Louder by Roger Stevens.

20130305 100745

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8 Responses
  1. Billy says:

    I love your ryhmes there cool

  2. Hannah says:

    great asigment
    *great ryming cuplets
    *super facts
    i thik you could improve on discribing

  3. misswood1 says:

    We enjoyed listening to your poem and we thought it was quiet funny. It was great we loved it. How long did it take you to learn?

    Year 2

    • greggers50 says:

      It took us a a lesson to learn and perform this poem. We had great fun playing with our voices.

  4. Kanye02 says:

    I like Hanerh’s angry bird .

  5. Kanye02 says:

    That is the best poetry.

  6. Sam C and Muireann Hawea Flat School says:

    Nice work on the play. I liked how you changed your voice.

  7. Kanye20 says:

    I love Oscar ‘s Roman mesage

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