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  1. OSCAR says:

    We have arived in Poland Mr Western.
    Today I have visited the Wawel Royal Castle and seen the statue of Smok Wawelski .

    Tomorow im going to Polish school!

  2. Teresa Page says:

    Dear Mr Western.

    I saw an article on your Stop Dumping PIB school campaign in The Herald over the weekend and thought you and your school might be interested in the Ecover Schools Blue Mile.

    The Ecover Schools Blue Mile is a programme that aims to connect young people with our natural blue environment, through practical learning, sport and play, all in the beautiful great outdoors!

    Our official charity partner is the Marine Conservation Society and the Ecover Blue Mile is raising funds for MCS to protect our seas, shores and wildlife.

    We are running a Ecover Schools Blue Mile event in Plymouth between 17 – 19th June, following on from World Oceans Day. The event is free to schools and the programme includes a mix of water sports, science and marine conservation practical workshop stations that engage pupils completely in the marine environment. The day will also include a visit to the awesome National Marine Aquarium. The event is aimed at years 6 & 7 students from schools located in the South West. If you are interested and would like to book a school place at this event, please visit, or contact me for further information.

    We very much hope that you find this information of interest and look forward to hearing from you.

    With kind regards

    Teresa Page
    Ecover Blue Mile Team
    T: +44 (0) 1752 600111

  3. Hollie says:

    Hello I’m Hollie from constantine primary school in cornwall I was searching for our tamar class blog. We should get in touch. Our blog address is:

  4. Mrs Hackworthy says:

    we were not able to listen to the song but the idea sounds really great. we look forward to find out what you are up to.

  5. Lidia says:

    Re: Science Tamar Style song.

    The song that we did yesterday was really good because it is a really good tune and I enjoy singing it!

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