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Using IPads, drama and good questions to explore a character.

We are looking at Myths and Legends in Literacy and used the IPads to find evidence of how the author defines the character of Theseus. We then wrote down what we could ask him to find out more detail, focusing on open questions. We then broke into groups and role played interviewing him and built up our own ideas of the kind of person Theseus was. By the end we had a really good understanding of who he was and why he was so brave.





Electric Circuits

This week we investigated electricity work and built our own simple circuits. We had a challenge and table 2 managed to light 5 bulbs in the final test. Well done guys.




Our 2 minute video for the South West Digital Educators 2013 award

This video shows our amazing children and the amazing work they do. Thank you to all the children and parents and professionals that have helped us get this far.

Mr Western nominated for award

Thanks to the hard work of all the children, support of the parents and everyone who has contributed to their learning this year, I have been short listed for ‘South West Digital Educator 2013.’ The work we have done this year has had a massive impact on the children both in their academic progress and their development as confident learners who realise the impact their hard work can have on others.

Thank you for your support and fingers crossed I can win the school another Ipad!


Class Tamar makes the news AGAIN!!


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