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Class Tamar letter from the MEP for the South West

In response to our amazing protest letters sent to Sir Graham Watson MEP we received this great letter. Class Tamar are really making a difference and pushing for change in the laws that allow pollution in our seas.

Well done class I’m so proud of you all!



Class Tamar Drummers

Today Floss and Kanye gave a demonstration to the whole school of what they have been learning in their drum lessons. Kanye rocked the school while Floss gave a great slow demonstration. It made Mr Western wish he still had long hair so he could head bang along with the great rhythms. Well done guys.



Second response

Today we have had the first response to our formal letters of complaint regarding the PIB disaster which has now killed over 3000 seabirds. It is from the Duchy of Cornwall. We are still waiting for an MP respond !


First response, not good enough!

Newsround contained the first response from Government from the Minister of Transport. Although it is nice to finally here from them the children want more action. HELP US MAKE A DIFFERENCE !



Newsround report click here

Our class got great coverage from Newsround helping to raise awareness of the cause. Well done guys your interviews were amazing and really powerful tv. Here’s what the Newround website was showing.

class rap link.


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