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Merry Christmas

Sadly after the holidays Class Tamar will be changing to a year 3/4 class. This will mean that my beloved year 2’s will be joining our new class. I just want to thank you all for your support on the blog and wish you all a merry Christmas. I know they will continue to make excellent progress and hope they will still keep an eye on the blog. Have a great one guys and see you soon.

Well done class Tamar

Well done on a really positive week this week class. I was a very proud teacher watching you all doing your rehearsal today for the nursery groups. Keep up the great enthusiasm guys and I’m looking forward to seeing your parents looking very proud next week.

Thank you Jorja, Natasha. Tyler and Floss for my great birthday gifts and thank you to Milly for her great cakes to celebrate her birthday as well.

Remember homework is times tables and have a great weekend !

Mental maths challenge

Today, in a break from our hard work on subtraction, we decided to have a class mental maths competition. Using Mathletics we competed in groups of four until we found our overall winner. Congratulations to Jorja who beat some tough competition in the final. I was really proud at the good sportsmanship and excellent mental maths skills shown by every member of the class.

Tally chart

Red table have produced this video to help us learn about Tally charts.

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