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Movember over

Mr Western would like to thank all his class for putting up with him over Movember . It was all for a good cause. My family kindly donated to this worthwhile appeal.


My week by Jorja

We have had a cool week. This week we used an app called silk to make symmetrical patterns and printed them off. We also learnt how to fly a plane.
By Jorja

My week by Ines

This week we have practised our Christmas play.We went on the I pads on art interaction making pictures and posters for the Christmas play and we went on flight simulator.In maths we learned about shapes and we practised Hustle Bustle and played Bench Ball.

By Ines.

Exploring symmetry Tamar style

In class we have been looking at the concept of symmetry within 2D shapes. We have designed pictures on the Ipads that were vertically symetrical.

Mr Westerns Flight school

Today we had our first experience at Mr Westerns flight school. Using our Ipads and a homemade flight simulator we practised flying a Cesna plane. Needless to say there were quite a few crashes to start with as the the children wrestled with the controls. By the end we had discovered that the flaps need to be up after take-off to help control the plane. Hopefully the children will be able to qualify for their flying license soon and we can try to fly some bigger, faster planes. We had great fun exploring speed, aerodynamics and developing our team working skills.

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