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Science Tamar Style

Here is the video for our science project on Forces we called “Science Tamar style”. First we researched our topic of Forces and collected information in groups. Then we took the song Gangnam style and broke it up into small chunks. The teacher scribed as we fitted our information into the song. We then recorded the song on an iPad and then worked as a class to put together a dance to go with it. This is the finished article I hope you enjoy it.

science tamar style

the song is awesome

Science Tamar style lyrics

Here is a copy of the lyrics for our awesome class song.

Science Tamar styleEnjoy

Science Tamar style

Our class has worked really hard to produce this sure fire hit based on our science topic of Forces. we are very proud of it. The class has researched written and recorded this hit based on the amazing Gangnam style song by Korean pop star Psy. Hope you enjoy it.

Science Tamar style

This week

I am so proud of how the class are working this week. We have really been working on our writing and improving our spelling and punctuation and as you can see from the diary entries on the blog it’s really paying off. We have been looking at measure and will carry that on into next week to really get a good understanding.
We are working hard on a top secret science project which we will be finishing and unveiling this week. It is really cool and we have all worked really hard on it.
Congratulations to Harriet for winning Mr Westerns lucky dip bin this week and all of our parents should be really proud of how the children are putting their all into their work.
Looking forward to seeing the parents this week. Thanks for all your support.

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